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Land's End Palmwood Deal

Palmwood Church has an arrangement with Business Land's End whereby we can purchase any of their apparel with our official logo embroidered (no financial arrangement is involved). You may order your desired clothing with our logo at any time, but there are times when Land's End may offer special deals to our members. We can at any time take advantage of special offers that you may find on the website.

Each embroidered logo will cost approximately $7.95 to apply to the apparel.

Orders placed by 3/10 will have a 35% discount with the promo code OUT23.

You have two choices:

  1. Follow the instructions below under USE YOUR OWN ACCOUNT and then you can place your own order, or
  2. Follow the instructions under HAVE BOB BUY IT FOR ME. I'll buy it and send you the receipt by email, you pay me and get it handed to you.

Customer Care Number 800-338-2000

Use Your Own Account

  1. If you do not have an account with business.landsend.com (not the same as landsend.com which is for consumers only), you will first create your account by clicking    in the upper right corner. Fill in all the personal information.
  2. Next associate the Palmwood Logo to your account by clicking on the same place    and in the open window click on My Logos.
  3. In the next page click on Associate a Logo to My Account.
  4. In the next page enter the logo number 1376686 and account number 6513381
  6. Once you have your account number, open your web browser, enter the URL web address https://business.landsend.com/ and press ENTER.
  7. In the upper right corner click on    and sign in to your account.
  8. When you are signed in, click on the same My Account button again. You will now see the image below. Click on the My Logos button in lower right. 
  9. On the next page click on the button Associate a Logo to My Account. 
  10. On the next page enter the logo number 1376686 and account number 6513381.  
  11. Click ADD TO LIBRARYNote that it will take 5-10 minutes for that to be associated - Meanwhile of time for you to shop. Customer Care Number 800-338-2000
  12. Go shopping. Before adding any product to your bag (ADD BAG button) be sure you have APPLIED the LOGO information.
  13. Your discount promotion code (expires 3/10) is OUT23. In the Bag (shopping cart) right side, click the blue ENTER PROMO CODE button (just below the SMART CHECKOUT button).


Have Bob Buy It For Me

  1. On your web browser, enter the web address business.landsend.com and shop for the apparel you want. Select up to $125 of product (shirts, caps, other apparel) that you would want me to buy for you. If I am going to buy it for you, you don't need to create an account (see above for those steps)
  2. Describe it to me (style, color, size, quantity) - a screenshot would be nice
  3. Email to me at bob@palmwoodchurch.com and text me to look for your email.
  4. I will shop for it and put it in a bag (shopping cart). I will print or screenshot what I have saved for you, including price, and ask if you want that order.
  5. When you respond I will order it (remember we have to place the order by 3/10 -  make that 3/9 'cause 3/10 is Lift Up Oviedo night).
  6. Please have a check payable to Robert Buford for the full amount (or send via Zelle to 407.461.3561). It will arrive within 9-14 days.

If any questions for Business Lands End, call their Customer Care number (800-338-2000) Mon-Fri between 8am - 8pm.

Questions for me, call or text me (407-461-3561) between 7am and 8:30pm (thank you).





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