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Lift Up Oviedo

Churches in Oviedo will be entering a season of prayer for our city, that we as a people would become surrendered to the Lord. This will include prayer personally beforehand and when gathered together on four Fridays (Sep 3rd, Oct 1st, Nov 5th, and Dec 3rd).  

The elders of Palmwood Church invite you to participate with us.

The Vision:  A City Surrendered to the Most High God, arrested by His Presence!

The scripture: I will lift up my eyes to the hills—From whence comes my help? (Ps. 121:1)

The Steps to participate:

  1. Listen to this song of inspiration for this event.
  2. Personal Intercession/prayer for our city before, and during each event.
  3. Gather for singing and prayer for four Fridays 7-9 PM on Sept. 3rd, Oct. 1st, Nov. 5th, and Dec. 3rd. 

The location: Oviedo on the Park, big pavilion, in front of the field. 

There is no agenda outside of pointing people to Christ as the church Lifts Up their voice and their eyes to the Lord. This isn’t about any specific church, but about THE Church of Oviedo. 

Core Faith Oviedo will lead the music team, and everyone can be involved as they feel appropriate.

It’s outdoor, it’s not about one ministry. Although Hector, their Minister of Music, will lead the musical side of this, we want EVERYONE involved as they’d like. 

Thank you

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