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Praying for Ukraine

Friends and Family,

Many of you have been asking what we can actually do to help the people of Ukraine at this critical time. I am grateful for your compassion and generosity. I am currently in dialogue with a local Oviedo congregation that actually has planted a sister church in Ukraine. This seems to me to be the wisest way of helping, as they can tell us what is actually needed and provide a means to deliver it. When I have more information, I will make the opportunity available.

In the meantime, continue to use the prayer guide we provided on Sunday. As we've learned over the last 6 months, intercession works.  And the battle -- while it rages between armies and even among innocent citizens -- is not ultimately with flesh and blood.  You can rest assured that there are evil spiritual forces driving this and that battle can only be won on our knees.

Stay the prayer course.